Mullein Tincture – 2 Ounce Dropper Bottle


Mullein is a super plant, with properties ranging from expectorant and demulcent to anti-viral and anti-inflammatory. It is known to treat congestion, bronchitis, and tuberculosis dating back to our ancestors who used to smoke the leaves to alleviate such symptoms.

Our mullein tinctures are made from organic mullein leaves, flowers, and root which was sustainably foraged in the mountains of North Carolina. Much of it was taken from our front yard at 4Creeks!


Here at 4CreeksNC, our vision is to live off the land as much as possible and to share it with others. One of our first steps in doing so was to learn how to forage for both edible and medicinal plants.

Mullein quickly became one of our most favorite herbs here at 4Creeks because it is truly a super-plant. Mullein was used by our ancestors to treat tuberculosis, bronchitis, to help control asthma, to heal hemorrhoids, treat migraines, control fever, and relieve diarrhea.

We hope you will try and in turn enjoy using Mullein Tincture in your own health and wellness journey. As with any herbal remedy, please use as directed and do not expect immediate results without consistency. Give the herbs a fighting chance to help you heal naturally by using them early and often (only as directed by your medical provider).

Mullein has a plethora of medicinal properties, including:

· Anti-inflammatory · Astringent · Emollient
· Antiseptic · Expectorant · Nervine
· Antispasmodic · Anodyne · Vulnerary
· Analgesic · Antihistaminic · Anticancer
· Antioxidant · Antiviral · Bacteristat
· Cardiodepressant · Oestro-genic · Fungicide
· Hypnotic · Sedative

It is effective against ear infections and earaches as an oil infusion and has been said to be effective against urinary tract infections, to reduce inflammation, aide in musculoskeletal alignment. It almost always has a slight calming effect due to its nervine properties. The leaves of the plant contain coumarin, a natural blood thinner. Laboratory studies have shown that mullein helps fight viruses. Due to lack of clinical trials, there are many unknown medicinal uses of this super-plant.

Mullein tincture may also be helpful in alleviating back and neck pain. There are some stories of people having used this product and experiencing results of back pain reduction and alignment. The plant has mucilage properties which may be the helpful with this as well as constipation. I have also read articles that claim consistent use helps aid with urinary incontinence. I am amazed by this super-plant, its medicinal properties, and effectiveness. God truly gives us what we need when we need it. We hope this medicine will help you and that you will be amazed as well.

4CreeksNC Apothecary products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or take place of medications prescribed by your medical provider. Please check with your medical provider before taking this supplement in conjunction with any prescribed medications, or if you are pregnant or nursing.

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