Earache Oil – 1 oz.

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Organic Mullein and Garlic ear oil has been used for decades to alleviate pain and cure infection in ears. It can also help to break up earwax!

1 review for Earache Oil – 1 oz.

  1. Meena Udeshi-Shaw

    My daughter has had a series of ear infections recently. I had tried antibiotics but they were resistant. I decided to give this a try and it really helped. After a few days her ear infection finally cleared!
    A part of her issue is her abundance of ear wax. It can lead to infections easily but we found out mullein can thin out wax. We now use it as preventative measure to avoid future issues. I keep an otoscope on hand to check her ears. Looking at her ears before and after have changed my mindset on natural remedies. I highly recommend it!

    • Emily

      We are so incredibly happy to hear this helped her! We are amazed every time at the amazing things that mullein can do. Thank you for sharing your results!!

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