Pine + Rosemary For Beards (And HAIR for ALL the People!!)

Pine + Rosemary Beard (and Hair!) Benefits

Love a good beard? Me too. Especially when it’s well-moisturized and kept.. Makes smooching less scratchy!

So in my mind, pine has always been a nice Christmas-tree-looking woodland specimen with a nice smell when you break needles or cut in to it.. Super sappy but delightful smell.. And of course well known for the usefulness of its dried needles in a bed or garden. HOWEVER, I’m learning that pine is so much more than this. Pine contains many healing properties, vitamins and minerals that can help to support not only a healthy immune system but great-looking and healthy skin and hair.

The extraction of these essential vitamins and minerals from pine is simple.. Cut, dry a little (ensuring no excess moisture), soak in carrier oil of choice, and let it ‘Mojenate! (AKA sit and stew.. While givin’ her a good shake every now and again). After it sets a while, you strain the goodness and use as you like! Sounds fun, huh? Does to me.. And if it doesn’t to you but you like the sound of the end product, welllll, you’re in luck! 4CreeksNC Apothecary to the rescue! Now in stock… Pine + Rosemary Beard Oil and Balm!!

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But wait, Emily.. What exactly ARE these alleged good-for-you bits?? Ahh, yes.. The good stuff. So pine needles are well-known to be high in vitamins C and A. We all know that Vit C is just good all around for us, but did you know that Vitamin A can improve hair and skin regeneration and also improves red blood cell production?

Cool. But wait.. there’s more! Pine needles also contain Vitamin E, which Is known to increasing hair growth and keep hair strong, thick and healthy. It can also help with dandruff! Pine needles have been reported to knock out free radicals as well. Man, talk about bang for your natural buck!

Now that we know all of these cool things about pine, what about rosemary? Why bother with mixing it in if pine is so awesome by itself?? Well, turns out rosemary is equally awesome and good for us… Especially if you’d like to stimulate hair growth! Rosemary contains lots of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds, which are supposed to help boost our immune system and improve blood circulation. Stimulating hair follicles with these great properties have shown in studies to actually cause hair to grow! In fact, rosemary essential oil has been found to prevent graying and dandruff and may reduce itchiness if that’s a problem! There are studies that show especially the essential oil form of rosemary doing some magical hair growth things… And at least one showing that the leaf extract form can too. Our beard and hair oils contain both! Check out this article for more info!

Cool Article Here! 

So after reading this article and learning more about the amazing-ness of rosemary (thanks to my friend Pat for sharing!), I thought why just give this amazing product to men for beards?! Let’s use it for everyone and see about all this magical plant juju!

Ah-ha! Our Hair Happiness Oil was born.

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Our Beard Oil, Best Beard Balm, and Hair Happiness Oil all start with the same base— a 60/40 mixture of infused white pine needle and  rosemary oils, respectively. The white pine needle is harvested from untreated, wild pine trees growing here at 4CreeksNC and is infused in Organic Jojoba, Sweet Almond, Grapeseed, and Olive oils. The rosemary was grown in our front yard bed from an organic seedling purchased at our local farmers market. We never treat our yard or beds so it’s still totally organic. It was infused in the same oils as the pine.

For the Beard Oil, after the infusion was complete to my liking, I strained and added a little Vitamin E oil, and a few dashes of organic fir, rosemary, sweet orange, and red grapefruit essential oils for additional smelly goodness.


For the Best Beard Balm, I strained and combined the infused oils with organic beeswax and unrefined shea butter. The same essential oils were added after the heat was turned off. I’m really happy with the way these turned out!

The Hair Happiness oil was strained and combined with vitamin E, coconut and castor oils along with a touch of organic essential oils of pine, rosemary, bergamot, sweet orange and grapefruit. The coconut and castor oils are reported to also stimulate hair growth and volume.


I think that’s enough about all that for now… Head on over to our shop and grab one or all three products and let us know what you think! Thanks for looking!

Buy Our Pine + Rosemary Beard or Hair Products

Now Available in our Shop: Beard Oil, Hair Happiness Oil, and Best Beard Balm... All of the Pine + Rosemary Variety!

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