Pine + Rosemary For Beards (And HAIR for ALL the People!!)

Pine + Rosemary Beard (and Hair!) Benefits Love a good beard? Me too. Especially when it’s well-moisturized and kept.. Makes smooching less scratchy! So in my mind, pine has always been a nice Christmas-tree-looking woodland specimen with a nice smell when you break needles or cut in to it.. Super sappy but delightful smell.. And […]

4Creeks Apothecary: Mullein Tincture

Mullein is a super plant, with properties ranging from expectorant and demulcent to anti-viral and anti-inflammatory. It is known to treat congestion, bronchitis, and tuberculosis dating back to our ancestors who used to smoke the leaves to alleviate such symptoms.  Our mullein tinctures are made from organic mullein leaves, flowers, and root which was sustainably […]